Wednesday, April 8, 2009

How to Create a Healthy Learning Environment at School

As mentioned in the previous article, it is necessary for there to be a healthy learning environment so that a student/learner is capable of learning more quickly and can grasp new concepts and ideas more quickly. In schools, it can be one of the effective strategies which can help a school in allowing students, especially the children in the elementary to be provided with a healthy learning environment.

What exactly do I mean by a healthy learning environment?
A healthy learning environment is an environment which promotes and fosters learning and helps an individual stay focused while learning.
Hence, it is very important for schools to have a healthy learning environment in order to foster and promote the love for learning and knowledge in the hearts of the students. It is not very hard to develop such an environment in the school due to the high level of discipline which is usually maintained in schools, and so the following steps can be undertaken to create a healthy learning environment, first we will talk about the infrastructure:
  • The infrastructure needs to be setup in such a way so that it is least distracting and clear.
  • The walls of the classroom should be painted mostly in white at secondary level, whereas colorful walls and paintings may create more creativity in students at the primary level.
  • The teachers should add interactivity into their lessons making use of objects, toys (at primary level), projectors and computer based activities.
  • The time-table of the student should also be made with the priorities of the subjects to be taught, with the ones that require the most brain-work to be the first for example:maths. It is because the concentration level of a student is at maximum in the morning time, but as the student goes through the weary day, his brain becomes more tires and is not able to concentrate properly.
  • The teachers should be given special training regarding the style and attitude to adopt while teaching the students, a friendly approach would always be the best one rather than discouraging students by scolding them, etc.
  • The course-work should be presented to the student in an interesting manner so that he/she does not feel that it is boring and moreover grasps the concepts quickly.
These are some ways which a school principle or administrator can keep into view so that the environment in school is good for student learning. This is a key to proper education because a healthy learning environment can save twice the job of teaching the students in a way in which they do not learn anything. Hence, it is best to create healthy learning environments to keep the minds of the students focused onto the topic.

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