Thursday, March 26, 2009

Effective Learning To Promote Education

As defined by a dictionary, learning means: "Knowledge or skill gained through schooling or study". Hence, it is very important that we keep the definition of learning in mind before we start working on it to improve our knowledge, which will further improve our education. To be precise, learning is the key to educational success and hence educational learning should to encouraged at all times during one's life.

Educational learning is something which often raises a fear in a student due to ineffective learning techniques. Hence, it should be kept in mind that from the most basic to the most specified techniques be kept in mind so as to keep the learning time minimum and the output be maximum and efficient.

Learning is not meant to be hard at all, it is just the learning techniques which make it look hard and sometimes a little mistake on the teacher's part could worsen that. Below are listed 5 techniques which shall be helpful to all types of students in education and learning:
  1. A proper learning environment, both in school and home.
  2. Encouragement from teachers and parents regarding the learning progress.
  3. Encouragement in making use of various forms of learning.
  4. Proper scheduling, not enforcing too much pressure, neither too free to get off track.
  5. Access to libraries and internet, to encourage research and extra knowledge being developed on a topic.
However, it should also be kept in mind that proper concentration should be given to the topic being studied and several breaks during the study time can also be helpful to keep the learning progress stable rather than creating boredom in a student regarding the topic.

Education should not be kept strictly limited to book learning, interactive learning should also be promoted, for e.g. After a maths class teaching trigonometry, students can be allowed to play around with models of different triangles, to see how the theories actually work in real life. Moreover, real life examples also give a spark to the learning as well as adding interactivity with the use of a projector showing a small educational film related to the topic. These are the effective learning techniques which have been recommended by experts to promote effective learning and hence to encourage education learning and knowledge.

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